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Rally to protest Ellis Act evictions by Google lawyer Jack Halprin before blocking Google bus
historical mission high school with dolores park under construction : san francisco (2014)
Rally to protest Ellis Act evictions by Google lawyer Jack Halprin before blocking Google bus
Rally to protest Ellis Act evictions by Google lawyer Jack Halprin before blocking Google bus
Ellis act eviction protest
Entrance to Seward Mini Park
Perfect day
we stand tall and alone together : dolores park  san francisco (2014)
Rally to protest Ellis Act evictions by Google lawyer Jack Halprin before blocking Google bus
Protest of Ellis act evictions by google lawyer Jack Halprin
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About 94114 Zip Code

Welcome to Zip 94114; a zip that is relatively densely populated when it comes to Zips that surround it in SFO. Most of the population here is predominantly white and single.

Mapping It:

On the map, this 94114 Zip is located in the Pacific Time zone at 38 degrees latitude and -122 degrees longitude.

Surrounding It:

At micro level the Zip is enclosed by the North boundary extending up to Duboce Avenue, East Boundary up to Dolores Street, the South Boundary towards Clipper Street and 26th Street and the West Boundary to Market Street and Clarendon Avenue.

Zipping Along:

Nearby Zips are 94117, a part of 94102 and 94103, 94110 and 94131.

In the Neighborhood:

The surrounding neighborhoods are Castro (Eureka Valley) neighborhood, Clarendon Heights neighborhood, Corona Heights neighborhood, Duboce Triangle neighborhood, Mastro neighborhood, Midtown Terrace neighborhood, Mission Dolores neighborhood, Noe Valley neighborhood, Twin Peaks neighborhood, & Upper Market neighborhoods.


  • Of Churches

One look at a marked map of the Zip, and it will be impossible to miss the number of churches that dot the entire overview of this Zip. Saint Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral, Saint Francis Lutheran Church and First Christian Church are just some of the names to reckon with.

  • Park-ing Spaces

This Zip is endowed with some extremely beautiful Parks. The Mission Dolores Park /Dolores Park; formerly known as Mission Park part of the Castro neighborhood. Dolores Park offers several features: several tennis courts and a basketball court, a soccer field, a children's playground, and a dog play area. Other Parks and Gardens here are the Clipper Terrace Community Garden and Corwin Community Garden and Seward Mini Park.

  • Peixotto Playground

Another recreational ground that features in Zip 94114 is the Peixotto Playground and tennis courts. This playground has two tennis courts, a big slide and climbing structure, swings, and a sand pit! There is grass to run around on or have a picnic, and plenty of paths that lead to other parts of Corona Heights Park.

  • Kite Hill

The Kite Hill Open Space is a hidden gem. The hill is covered mostly with thick brown brush but at the top of the hill awaits a fantastic view of the San Francisco skyline and the adjacent Noe Valley/Twin Peaks area. The slides are amazing and there are some benches to sit and rest on but the Kite Hill Open Space is best utilized for a stroll or to walk the dog.

  • Saturn Street Stairway

Another very scenic point is the Saturn Street Stairway. The stairway is lined on both sides with vegetation planted and maintained by the neighborhood. For those who want to ‘sit and stare’, there is a nice little terrace with benches around the halfway point that makes a great spot to chill with a cup of tea and enjoy the view.

  • Eureka Valley Recreation Center.

Need a ‘Eureka’ moment for yourself? Head to the Eureka Valley Recreation Center. With its indoor basketball court, two meeting rooms and Teen Center; Eureka makes for a good venue for a family to spend their recreational hours. Located outdoors are the baseball diamond patch, tennis court, and a fenced dog run area. The children’s playground is extremely popular among the children for apparent reasons.

Wine & Dine:

This Zip has some fabulous eateries to boast of –

  • Cy Belle's Pizza Restaurant
  • Firefly Restaurant
  • Home Restaurant
  • Butterfly Restaurant
  • Bombay Indian Restaurant

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